Do You Know About the SINGLE SECRET
Which Connects These THREE Things?

A long-lost "LITTLE RED BOOK" published way back in 1926

World-famous software billionaire, BILL GATES

One very special, well-known Quantum Physics experiment

READ ON to Discover the TRUTH Behind
"The Absolute Secret"
And How YOU Can Use It's Power To Enjoy Unlimited
Success, Happiness & WEALTH... INSTANTLY!

Dear Friend

If you’ve EVER wanted to experience success, HAPPINESS, great health, great wealth and amazing coincidences beyond your wildest dreams...


My name is Bradley Thompson and I’d like to tell you about The Absolute Secret.

Since the first century, the world’s most powerful individuals have known a SECRET that can change lives forever. I’m talking about a genuine, tangible secret that brings power, freedom, love and success.

And in 1926, an anonymous author wrote a little red book all about the SECRET – a book that the author prompted readers to share with friends around the globe.

Like wildfire, it blitzed the United States and the United Kingdom. Readers worldwide put the secret into action and found themselves suddenly enjoying the best years of their lives.

Now we’re not talking about a theory here.

It’s NOTHING LIKE "positive thinking" or "hypnosis". It isn’t a bunch of self-improvement tips labelled as a “secret”. It’s literally ONE SECRET KEY that could change your life forever.

I’m willing to bet that you’ve never seen anything like this before.

And that’s why I’d like to introduce you – to The Absolute Secret...

"Outstanding. I've worked in self-development circles for years and have never stumbled across anything like The Absolute Secret before. This is powerful stuff. It's changed my life already. Wow!"

Here’s How I Discovered The Absolute Secret
Stuck In a Loft After a Funeral, Feeling LOW.
And Here’s Why YOU Need to Find It, TOO!

Have you ever yearned for true happiness?

Maybe you want POWER or SUCCESS..... MONEY or LOVE?

Perhaps you’re sick of feeling tired and stuck, helpless and victimized. You need a way out. You need a kick-start that will leave you feeling GREAT again, just like things USED to be!

Because I know that’s how *I* was feeling twenty years ago.

It was a rainy Sunday in October and we’d just buried my Grandmother up in Scotland. I was back at the house, helping to clear out some of the old books and gramophone LPs she had stored up in the attic.

Now, I’ve always believed that when the student is ready, the teacher will come.

And BOY, did I need a teacher around that time!

I’d really hit an all-time low. I’d just finished a relationship with a girl I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with (and yes, it WAS my fault!). I was battling with addictive habits that simply wouldn’t go away. And I’d experienced a number of family deaths in rapid succession.

It was one of those times when you absolutely CANNOT fall any lower – and you just know something HAS to happen to pick you back up again.

AND IT DID. On that day. In my Grandmother’s attic.

Now, grandma Margaret Thompson was something of a pioneer in her day. She ran a series of ration stores in the north of England during the first world war. She later setup a large chain of cheap fruit stores and pioneered market cart stalls -- way before New York was using them to sell hot dogs.

She raised three healthy children. And later in life, despite the tragic loss of her husband, was heavily involved in promoting holistic healing in the north of England.

And before she died, she handwrote her memoirs – detailing her life experiences.

It was up in the attic that I read through some of those memoirs and discovered just how deeply my Grandmother had contemplated life and the universe. Wrapped up in the same box were a pile of books she said had changed her life.

Those books were about to change my life too.

And maybe – just maybe - yours.

"If you want to begin enjoying the most amazing life experiences, you'd better check out Bradley's new compilation. I used The Absolute Secret just last week - with amazing social and business results!"
- Michael Masterman
Speed Reading

Discover the Awsome, FORGOTTEN Impact
These Books Had on the Entire World --
Including ME, Bill Gates... And, Soon, YOU!

Some of you maybe already know about my work.

Since that rainy day 20 years ago, I’ve helped to build a self-development empire.

Corporate clients, through Self Development Network, include AT&T, the US Army, IBM, FedEx, the BBC, British Telecom, UPS, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Network Solutions, Sun, Deloitte & Touche, Dow Jones, Merrill Lynch, the Discovery Channel, Time Warner, Nationwide Insurance, Xerox, Intel, KPMG, Fujitsu, and even Microsoft.

(The list continues in a moment. Bear with me – there’s a point to this!)

I’ve helped produce dozens of valuable self-help products, including the incredibly popular Subliminal Power tool, currently used by over 1 million individuals throughout the globe. It’s received glowing testimonials from world leaders such self-development guru Joe Vitale and three-time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez.

I’m also the man behind the world’s largest hypnosis downloads site,, the ultimate brainwave CD collection at, the site,, and many more. I’m also the author of “Creating Your Own Subliminal-Studio” and “Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days!

I currently live in rural England, where I enjoy the company of a beautiful partner and a loving family. Life for me now is as I’ve always dreamed.

Why am I telling you this?

Because 20 years ago, I was at the absolute LOWEST point of my entire life. And within a matter of WEEKS, it all turned around for me. And today, I’m STILL enjoying the benefits!

I’m being serious. I literally THANK the hour I spent fumbling around in the attic. What I learned there changed my entire life, FOREVER.

Up in the attic were EIGHT UNIQUE BOOKS, many of which were printed around the 1900s. They weren’t in “funny” English you can’t read. They were straight-forward, relatively short guides that unveiled CLEARLY DISTILLED TRUTHS you won’t find in ANY modern-day self-help guide!

My favourite was the little red book I mentioned in the introduction. It shows you in just a few pages how to materialize ANYTHING in your life following an incredibly simple exercise. You will literally not BELIEVE what this is all about.

It was known as “The Little Red Book” and sold in its millions throughout the western world. It’s amazing – because it works.

But that’s not all. There were SEVEN OTHER lucky books...

Such as the single book that Bill Gates reportedly read, which inspired him to drop out of Harvard and become the richest man on the planet. This book was originally published as a 24-part correspondence course and sold for $2000 – a HUNDRED YEARS AGO!!

In a bid for power, the 200,000 copy best-selling course was actually banned by the church in 1933 – making it near impossible to find any original copies!

Or how about the 25-page masterpiece that I guarantee you WILL have heard about, but I’m betting you’ve NEVER read. This manuscript will change your life. It may have been written in the 1900’s but it alone created more millionaires than any Anthony Robbins seminar!

Or maybe you’ll enjoy the 50-page book written by the founder of Philadelphia’s leading university. This inspirational manuscript is more powerful and gripping than any novel you’ll ever read. You’ll discover secrets you never knew about the Queen of England (seriously!) and why living a life of total happiness and abundance is easier than you’ve EVER thought possible.

One of the books in that pile has become famous on the Internet as a cheap e-book. And it’s so commonplace now that few people actually put the attention into reading it. After all, it is over 300 pages long. But the information it holds is PRICELESS.

Perhaps even YOU have simply ignored this one in the past?

And then we have the three books all about ONE secret technique. They’re not long books. And they won’t bore you. They’re all focused on a special technique that seems to have been TOTALLY forgotten about today. It’s a technique that changed the world back in the 1900s – and is ready to change the world again.

These books will genuinely astonish you.

They’re so much deeper than anything you could read today – and they’re full of information that can change YOUR life, in just MINUTES!

"The most inspiring collection of books I've ever read. I now realize exactly what I've been doing right - and WRONG. If you don't yet know about The Absolute Secret, don't waste a second longer. BUY IT!"
- Karl Moore, Best-selling Author

Here's EXACTLY What I Did With Those Books –
And How You Can Use My SIX MONTHS of Work
To Get ANYTHING You WANT Out Of Life.
(Including great health, happiness & success!)

Twenty years ago, I left that attic and took those eight books home.

One after the other, I read through them all in under a week. And I felt the biggest shift I’ve ever experienced. Suddenly, I gained an insight into the universe I’d never encountered before. It was an insight that would change my life.

I realized how I could create anything I wanted, just by following a few simple steps. I discovered that each of these books had a central message, and each connected to one another in an amazing way.

These were the books that had turned my grandmother into a successful, pioneering business woman – when women were expected to stay at home and cook for their family!

I’ve made it a task of mine to read these first edition books once a year, every year since that day. And every time I do, my life takes a HUGE and UNEXPECTED SHIFT toward the positive.

It’s like I’m taking a SUPER-HUMAN PILL – something that makes me lucky, enthusiastic, appreciative, fulfilled and HAPPY.

Literally, the whole world around me begins to change. I suddenly begin receiving more money. I receive great news from my family and those around me. I manage to gain another publishing contract, or am asked to speak at an exotic seminar.

Over the past year, those books have brought over two million dollars my way, two brand new MG convertibles (I love cruising through the countryside, feeling nature’s wind in my hair!), another fantastic year with my loving partner, and wonderful health for my entire family.

Every single year, life just seems to get better.

And then I realized something. I’ve long recommended these books to my personal clients - but they were starting to become harder and harder to track down. They’re ALL out of print – and are only to be found in specialized antique bookstores.

So I decided to do something CRAZY.

I made contact with the appropriate publishing houses and secured the rights (where required) to REPUBLISH the books.

I then had a team at my publisher's company slowly and carefully transcribe the information from each book.

For the eight books, it took THREE WHOLE MONTHS – and then we began the checking, reviewing and editing process. After that, we typeset the books, ready for a brand new reprint.

At the END of six months, we had that FINAL COLLECTION of eight original books – ALL brought up-to-date with the most elegant designs I could’ve imagined.

My original intention was to publish these books through traditional means, to get them back into circulation once again. But I decided instead to recreate the books as secure PDF files, documents that could be read on ANY PC, ANYWHERE in the world.

That would mean ANYONE could have access to this amazing wealth of data – at just a fraction of the physical printing cost. And as most were under 50 pages long, it would be EASY for the reader to print out themselves.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done for this site. I’ve compiled each of those eight books. And I’ve called it - The Absolute Secret.

"This isn't a question, I'm writing to tell you that I've had the most amazing two weeks of my life. A GREAT friend has just entered my life, after five years of searching. Bradley, I love your books, I love your collection. And now, I'm loving life again. Thank you!!"
- Jennifer Lansbury, dream analyst

Here Are Just a FEW of the AWESOME Benefits
You'll Enjoy Within MINUTES of Using The Secret!
(PS. Did I mention it's not only easy, it's FUN too?)

So how would YOU like to begin enjoying TRUE success?

It’s easier than you think. Within a matter of weeks, your life could have changed around completely. You could be experiencing TRUE success.

I’m talking about abundance in your life. An abundance of love, wealth, happiness and freedom. You will literally be able to enjoy ANYTHING you’ve ever dreamed of.

How about your dream car, with all the interior leather trimmings? These books will make it happen for you. Just following the instructions. It’s EASY!

More money? Heck, go for a LOT more money! It’s amazing how coincidences will suddenly appear in your life once you’ve started following the guidelines given in this collection.

Last week, I followed The Absolute Secret to help raise $10,000 in extra cash to help fund our work with The Hunger Site and other local charities. The previous week I received an “overdue” $5,000 commission cheque on a promotion I’d forgotten I’d even run, and six further smaller cheques, each of which provided over $11,000 income total.

But it doesn’t stop with money! You can use the techniques to attract as MUCH cash as you want. You’ll literally be swimming in the stuff – and then your mind can move onto other, more important things!

Want to boost your love-life? If you already have a partner, you could soon be enjoying that honeymoon period all over again. And if you haven’t, then you sure have something to look forward to!

Or maybe you just want to enjoy true freedom – feeling more "in the moment", and appreciative of the world around you. If nothing else, these books will give you JUST that.

You’ll NEVER feel quite as UTTERLY FREE as you do once you’ve read these books!

With The Absolute Secret, you’ll discover:


EXACTLY what The Absolute Secret is & why you MUST know it

How The Absolute Secret can explain absolutely EVERYTHING
- from quantum physics to psychics!
How to manifest literally ANYTHING in your life
– money, love, happiness & success!

How to solve almost ANY problem, with absolute ease!

Why changing your belief system is critical
– and MUCH easier than you think!
Why MOST people get the Law of Attraction wrong
– and how YOU can get it right, following these a few easy steps!
How absolutely ANYONE can become rich and successful,
regardless of their "backstory"!
How to quickly and easy BREAK FREE of negative patterns,
such as addictions and bad thoughts
The truly AWESOME scientific experiment that PROVES
The Absolute Secret theory... beyond ANY doubt!
How to create affirmations to make HUGE changes in your life, instantly
Real-life answers to questions such as “Does prayer heal?”
Why your PAST can let you down – and how to let go of anger
and jealousy, without repressing!
The self-development tricks you’re doing WRONG right now
– and what you need to change for them to WORK!
How you can use the power of the mind to heal your body – and FAST!
What day-dreaming literally WORKS AGAINST YOU
- And what to do INSTEAD!
The single principle JUST starting to invade modern self-help books – and WHY it’s been around since the beginning of time!

These books will show you how to obtain true success. It’s something we should’ve all been taught at school. But we weren’t.

And so THIS is YOUR chance to learn The Absolute Secret...

"I bought the preview version of your books, thinking it'd be another collection of repackaged 'secrets' that wouldn't really work. I stand corrected. I cannot BELIEVE they knew this stuff in the 1900's, yet we DON'T know it today. Thank you for spreading the word, Bradley... your research, good nature and patience is amazing!"
- Michael Staton
Bath Road, Worcester, UK

I've Created a SPECIAL Audio Lecture
Where I EXPLAIN The Absolute Secret...
And I Want YOU to Have It, FREE of CHARGE!

So, are YOU interested in discovering the SINGLE SECRET KEY to wealth, happiness, love and success?

Well, it gets even better. I’ve created my OWN unique audio introduction to the collection.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve had time to reflect on each of the books and how they fit into the universe. The technique they unveil is truly amazing – however what I occasionally needed was a single guiding thread to fit it all together.

And so I’ve created a special introductory audio lecture, which explains The Absolute Secret.

It explains exactly what the SECRET is and how it affects us. It explains why people that use the secret become the most successful people on the planet. It shows you how The Absolute Secret has been reiterated throughout history, over and over again – from the Bible to Eastern gurus – and yet the single, underlying SECRET is frequently missed!

In my introduction, you’ll also hear me talk about the science behind The Absolute Secret. You’ll learn why it works EVERY TIME – and how modern science is beginning to wise up to the fact!

And I’m giving YOU this introductory audio lecture absolutely FREE of charge – when you purchased the revised book collection, “The Absolute Secret.”

"I used your technique to win a leading role in a local theater production. I can't believe the SIMPLICITY of The Absolute Secret. I will NEVER stop using this. I'm amazed. Absolutely amazed!"
- "Peggy", Actress
Lakepoint Drive, Elk Grove, CA

Download ALL of the Books & My Personal Intro

Want to discover The Absolute Secret – and change YOUR life, today?

For the FIRST TIME EVER, I'm now ready to offer the entire range of EIGHT secret books, all freshly transcribed and ready-to-read... alongside my own FREE, PERSONAL introduction to The Absolute Secret.

This wealth of knowledge WILL literally change your life overnight.

And you can gain access to this ENTIRE COLLECTION, with lifetime support from our team, for the miniscule price of just $49.95.


During the month of , we’re reducing the cost of The Absolute Secret down to just $27.95 – WHILE STOCKS LAST!!


That’s less than the cost of a decent lunch for two.

And remember, just ONE of the eight books that creates “The Absolute Secret” was sold 100 years ago at a staggering $2,000. That’s around $80,000 today!


In creating The Absolute Secret, I also managed to revise and update FIVE BONUS BOOKS that have connections with The Absolute Secret.

Here are the BONUS items you’ll receive when you purchase:

- The Magic Story – By Frederic Van Rensselaer Dey - This powerful story was originally printed by Success Magazine in 1900, then published as a small silver book. It’s claimed that anyone who reads this story begins experiencing amazing good fortune almost instantly. Incredibly rare and extremely enticing. And I can personally tell you that it genuinely works! The story is a true gift.

- Secrets of the Universe – By Glenn Clark – Read the story of a man who understood how the universe truly worked. He succeeded as an author, a scientist, a sculptor, a mathematician, a musician, and more. In this book, he explains his philosophies of living.

- Living on 24 Hours a Day – By Arnold Bennett – Praised by the New York Times and The Times, this million-copy best-seller uncovers how to cram your good health, pleasure, money, respect, and spiritual development into just 24 hours a day. Or, as the author puts it, your exciting “daily miracle”. An inspiring read.

- The Science of Getting Rich – By Wallace Wattles – This 1910 book probably has one of the most famous names in this collection. Wattles sets a simple step-by-step formula for increasing our wealth, even if you’re “ignorant” and have “no talent” whatsoever (his words, not mine!)

- The Game of Life – By Florence Schovel Shinn – Rediscover the simple fact that life is a game. And guess what? This book is the cheats guide! Shinn uncovers the numerous laws that surround life and how to win the game, hands down. Another inspiring read, with wonderfully thought-out chapters.

Again, I’ve taken the time out to have my team carefully prepare each of these books, ready for you to read. I’m NOT talking scruffy, hard-to-read, HTML-compiled e-books here.

I mean genuine, edited, copy-checked, highly-professional PDF guides, ready-to-print on ANY printer, ANYWHERE in the world. No costly shipping fees, no book finders fees.

And certainly no $80,000 in course costs!

Now that truly IS a great deal!

"I've just realized exactly how much I can apply this to my life. I use The Absolute Secret now for everything... money, fame, friends, career. I really bless the day I stumbled into your work, Bradley!"
- Tony Casey
Main Street, Santa Ana, CA

Claim Your FREE Copy of These Audio Bonuses!

As promised during our pre-launch promotion, we’re giving FOUR FREE audio bonuses to our first 500 customers – however we’re almost out of stock.

We can GUARANTEE copies of the audio bonuses to all that manage to order before midnight, , however you’ll need to ACT FAST in order to avoid disappointment.

Order before midnight, , and you’ll ALSO receive:


Audio versions of my TOP TWO books! – I’ll send you a professionally narrated version of the top two books that create “The Absolute Secret”. These are hour-long recordings that would cost you at least $100 each elsewhere. These narrations cost me over $1000 each to commission – but they’re yours, FREE!

Audio version of “The Magic Story” – Listen to our professional narrator read The Magic Story to you, and begin to attract the most amazing luck into your life in just minutes. Simply slip on your headphones, sit back, and enjoy!
FULL version of The Strangest Secret – The great Earl Nightingale stunned the world with this 1956 recording. After years researching the world’s top achievers, he compiled his results into this 50 minute recording. Earl launched the self-development industry with this recording – and it continues to be one of the most inspiring features every recorded.

Collectively, you’d pay at least an extra $300 to obtain these recordings. In fact, I’ve seen an original of The Strangest Secret selling for over $2000 on eBay.

But it’s ALL YOURS, absolutely FREE of charge.

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"I read through ALL of the books and listened to ALL of your audio within ONE WEEKEND. That was how intense I found the experience. I'm floored, Bradley, because I've NEVER found anyone that puts all of this knowledge together like that. And you know, The Absolute Secret is working for me already... I now know about that 'magic feeling' you mentioned!! Please, use my words as a testimonial to tell others."
- Rob McMahon
Howes Drive, Marston, Bedford

CHECK OUT My 100% “Buy It Back” GUARANTEE!
I KNOW These Books Will AMAZE YOU
And Here’s How I’m Going to PROVE IT!

I want you to know that I absolutely believe in the power of The Absolute Secret - and the eight books that support it.

In fact, I believe in it SO much – that if you’re not 100% satisfied, I’ll BUY THEM BACK FROM YOU.

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If you’re not absolutely AMAZED by the gains you experience, just let me know within a couple of months – and I’ll refund EVERYTHING.

I’m Bradley Thompson and I would NEVER to put my name to anything I didn’t totally believe in. And I believe in The Absolute Secret.

So grab your copy TODAY.

Just click on the following link to download EVERYTHING, right now!


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"I'm writing to say thank you to your team for the most enjoyable Internet purchase of my life. What great follow-up support, and the books are just awesome. If I'd have known about the content, I would've easily paid the $80k this course once sold for!"
- Tom Cozens @
Greenpoint, Cape Town, South Africa

This Is Your FIRST & ONLY Chance
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So, would you like to discover The Absolute Secret?

Once again, here’s a brief reminder of what you’ll receive with your purchase:


The Absolute Secret Collection – Discover the EIGHT powerful books that create The Absolute Secret. You’ll discover just what the secret is – and how you can use it to materialize love, happiness, wealth and success in your life, INSTANTLY!


FREE - The Absolute Secret Lecture – Listen to me introducing The Absolute Secret. You’ll learn how it connects everything from science to physic phenomenon, and how YOU can prove it for yourself. Awe-inspiring!


FREE - FIVE Bonus Books from the 1900s – Including The Magic Story, which brings good fortune to all that read it; The Secrets of the Universe, explaining how to live life to the full; Living on 24 Hours a Day; The Science of Getting Rich; and, The Game of Life – And How to Win!


FREE - Audio version of THREE top books – You’ll receive audio versions of two of the books from The Absolute Secret, PLUS a professionally-narrated version of “The Magic Story”. These are YOURS to keep, even if you decide to return for a refund!

FREE - FULL version of The Strangest Secret – Discover the great Earl Nightingale’s strongest message. In this profound 50 minute recording, he inspired the world in the quest for self-development – and unveiled the secrets behind some of time’s most successful individuals.

FREE MYSTERY GIFT – Can't say much more! But I'll send you an inspiring mystery gift with your order, just to say thanks!



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- Jamie Evans @
Nora Circle, Mesa, AZ

Final Words from Bradley...

Earlier in this letter, I mentioned one of my favorite sayings.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will come.”

In no other industry does this phrase carry so much significance.

I’m hoping that this is YOUR TIME to discover The Absolute Secret.

So if you’re ready to open your life to success, happiness, joy, wisdom, friendships, unlimited wealth and FREEDOM, then take the chance:

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Remember, it’s absolutely RISK-FREE and there are NO questions asked if you decide to claim a refund.

Thank you for your time. In wisdom,

Bradley Thompson

Bradley Thompson, Self-Development Author.
The Absolute, part of the Self Development Network network.


PS. I forgot to mention, but I intend removing this site after we sell 1000 copies of the guide. Why? In order to ensure exclusivity to the members that have purchased. You’ve made an investment – and it’s up to me to protect it. So ACT NOW – and gain the advantage over your competition. Click HERE to purchase!

PPS. Remember, there’s just ONE Absolute Secret. This isn't a collection of a million and one different techniques. Just listen to my introductory lecture to learn more and discover it for yourself. I guarantee you will be A-M-A-Z-E-D. And The Absolute Secret is religion-free too, so it won't contradict your current belief system. Grab your copy NOW – click here!

PPPS. I’m a big believer that everything happens the way it should. It’s not a coincidence you’re reading this text. The universe doesn’t work like that. You’re MEANT to live HAPPY, with love, with money and with abundance. And if you don’t do it NOW, you’ll miss out on this offer, FOREVER.
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